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BRAND NEW: Hobos & Architects
EPHEMERE's most ambitious project to date: one hour, twelve songs, more nuances, color and diversity than ever, the album is the distillate of our current, four-piece lineup and various collaborations. From intimate, slow-motion ballads to 7-minute-long energetic electro-rock-epics, from minimalistic synth-orgies to complex layers of various analog instruments - Hobos & Architects puts emotions on the center stage and takes you on a journey with the lost, found and in-betweens. Hop aboard!

Recorded by EPHEMERE, mixed by Ruediger Illg (Conscience, Portash, Science O.C.N.), mastered by Paul Gold (LCD Soundsystem, Sulfjan Stevens, Eels). Artwork by Philipp Doerrie and Jan Schoenmakers.

Niemandsland (2013)

Great melodies, driving rock elements, hand-crafted analog synthesizer sounds and sophisticated arrangements - EPHEMERE's first studio-LP is an intense trip beyond genres. Recorded and mixed in our studios, mastered by Rolf Kirschbaum (Fehlfarben, Witt, The Convent) at Alien Style. Released and distributed over (now-defunct) Whiterock Records.



Feature: We Heard The Call vol. 2 (2013)
With support from Alphaville, RobertPreussler16 Records released the 2nd volume of the tribute compilation We Heard The Call, a 3 CD set featuring covers by bands from all over the world, including Strauss Ex Machina (Morlocks), Eurotix, I Satellite, DJ Sappy and... EPHEMERE!

The 3 CD set is available in a limited edition for 18 Euros plus shipping. Order here

Ephemere - Danger In Your Paradise (Marian Gold Cover)

Hologram II (2009)
EP showcasing the evolved lineup and EPHEMERE style somewhere between electro, industrial, wave and rock. Recorded and pre-mixed by EPHEMERE, mixed and mastered by Ruediger Illg (Conscience, Portash, Walzenstuhl) at Science2.

Order Hologram II: The CD is 5 Euro plus shipping (1,50 Euro within Germany, 3,50 Euro worldwide) - please e-mail your request, or go to bandcamp (where you can also get the download for 3 Euro)

Equipment used: Yamaha SY-77, Yamaha DJX, Hammond Organ with Leslie Amp, Ken Rose Guitar and Vantage Bass with Vox- and Marshall-Amps, Pearl Export Drums, Concert Flute, Chimes, Rode NT1-A (and additional mics for drum recordings), Cubase with a big bunch of VST-Plugins

1. In the Shower with God (Full Length Stream)

2. Eternal Travellers pt. III (Full Length Stream)

3. From my Dreams

4. Solaris

Hologram (2006)
EP with uptempo synth-/wavepop-songs, a jazzy balad and a funky disco-tune. Produced at Bayounds Studio, San Francisco, with Leo Frappier (Nina Hagen, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado).

Order Hologram: download available (3 Euro) on bandcamp

Equipment used: Yamaha SY-77, Yamaha DJX, Rode NT1 mic, Cubase, Reason and some VSTs

1. Alter Ego

2. Voyage (Full Length Stream)

3. Take me High (Full Length Stream)

4. Fallen Angel

Outside the Golden Cage (2004)
Live-LP with the original lineup, featuring 80's and '90s inspired synthpop. Recorded and mixed by EPHEMERE.

This CD is no longer available.

Equipment used: Yamaha DJX, an old '80s Bontempi keyboard, a Philips mic, Sony and Pioneer MiniDisc Recorders and Nero Wave Editor

1. Flames

2. Song of a Siren (Live, Full Length Stream)

3. Winternight

4. Intuition

5. Walking onto the Sun

6. That Brilliant Glow

7. Romeo

8. Illusions

9. Black and White

10. Ways of Pain

11. The Sun Went Down Before

12. Back from the Night

13. Hopelessley

14. The Rain

15. Eternal Travellers pt. I