welcome, eternal traveller

Embark on a journey to uncharted territory

Beyond the borders of genres and the limitations of 4-minute radio-songs, Ephemere celebrates the sensation of being on the road, out there, in all its aspects - doubting, yearning, wondering, venturing. Niemandsland is an imaginative and captivating work, blending influences from wave, progressive rock and triphop.

Ephemere's first real longplayer, and first new album since 2009's experimental EP Hologram II, was produced completely by Ephemere and mastered by Rolf Kirschbaum, who has worked with the likes of Witt and received various awards, including the "Deutscher Rock & Pop Preis" and the Canadian Music Award.

Until March 2015, Niemandsland was distributed internationally by now-defunct Whiterock Records (WRR0386, LC 00693). Today, you can order it below (CD), on bandcamp (CD for 10 or download for 6 euro), or on amazon (CD)

1. Grazing

2. Snowfields (Full Length Stream)

3. Acid Rain (Full Length Stream)

4. Mountains Of Nothing (Full Length Stream)

5. How Can I Believe?

6. Lunar Colony

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Equipment used to create "Niemandsland":
Synthesizers: Yamaha SY-77, Yamaha DJX, Korg Microkorg XL
Keys: Two Hammond Organs with Leslie Amp, Hain piano
Guitars: Ken Rose, Fender Squier ProTone, and Vantage Bass with Vox- and Marshall-Amps
Drums: Pearl Export, electronic beats from Yamaha DJX
Other stuff: Concert Flute, Lee Oskar Harmonica
Production: Rode NT1-A microphone (and additional mics for drum and flute recordings), Cubase 6 with a big bunch of VST-Plugins, Ableton Live with Plugins.