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This project exists since 2001 – with changes in name, location and lineup. Here's a little timeline:

Mastered by Paul Gold (LCD Soundsystem, Eels, Sulfjan Stevens), Hobos & Architects is finally released. We are so excited to unleash our longest and most colorful album to date!

For the final production of Hobos & Architects, EPHEMERE team up with Ruediger Illg who had already wowed us with the production of Hologram II. With Ruediger (Conscience, Science O.C.N., Portash, Walzenstuhl etc.), the album finally takes the shape it deserves and is readied for an early-2019 release! Meanwhile, we are writing plenty of new songs.

Final recordings for Hobos & Architects. Collaboration with a producer for this album started out promising but led nowhere. Writing new songs and playing some more live gigs at private shows. New side-project The Ulrich Wickerts premieres with spectacular multimedia show.

Sascha Hilgarth joins the band, contributing beats, effects and production. Intensive writing, recording and production sessions for "Hobos & Architects". First live-gigs in ages at ZUSAMMEN/KUNST Festival in Rheinberg and a private show in Oldenburg.

Celina Koch joins Ephemere as guitarist/vocalist/songwriter, and the next album, "Hobos & Architects" is taking shape. Meanwhile, the bankruptcy of Whiterock Records limits distribution of "Niemandsland". First live gig of side-project Grapeyard at ZUSAMMEN/KUNST Festival in Rheinberg. Collaboration with French fingerstyle-guitarist Adrien Delamarre.

Ephemere release their first Music Video, Mountains of Nothing and take time to reinvent themselves. While Karsten works on the debut album of the folk-project "Goldilocks and the Nightingale", Jan records further demos for the fundamentally different next album, "Hobos & Architects".

"Niemandsland" is released, mastered by Rolf Kirschbaum and distributed by Whiterock Records. "We Heard the Call vol. II" is also released by RobertPreussler16 Records. Ephemere works on tracks for the next album and prepares for new live shows.

Production of "Niemandsland" and recording/production of an Alphaville-cover for the tribute-compilation "We Heard The Call vol. II". Jan and Sarah move to a new house where Jan installs the studio for the mixing of Niemandsland.

Recordings and production for the new album, "Niemandsland". Various collaborations and side-projects with other musicians, including "Grapeyard" with Sarah Eitel (future Schoenmakers) who also contributes some artwork, lyrics and vocals to Ephemere. As a christmas treat, Ephemere release the German fun-track and video "Das Meerschwein und das Krokodil".

Launch of the new homepage. Recordings for a Folk-track with friends on violin and saxophone which has not yet been released. Christine is no longer part of Ephemere. Jan and Karsten start planning and recording the next album, "Niemandsland."

Guitarrist/drummer/keyboarder Karsten Block joins Ephemere and adds some rock spirit. Finish and release of "Hologram II". 

Recordings for "Hologram II" EP begin. Jan and Christine move to Bremen. Short-lived rock side-project, "Soulpool".

Home studio is up and running. Gig at the "Umsonst & Draussen" Festival near Jena. Several recordings which have not been released (including, however, Acid Rain, which would find its way onto 2013's "Niemandsland").

Jan starts to build up an own studio. "Hologram" is released with an additional track, a first demo of "Iron Sky". Complete relaunch of ephemere.de. Christine Schoenmakers joins Ephemere, contributing artwork and bass.

Ole leaves Ephemere to go solo with his ballad-CD, "Secret Dedications", later forms a rock band, "Rotthaus", which today no longer exists. Jan and Houssein record demos at IBS Studio 2 in Cape before Jan moves to California (which is the end of Houssein's contribution) and records "Hologram" EP with Producer Leo Frappier at Baysounds Studio, San Francisco, then moves back to Jena.

Live-gigs in Jena. Live demo album "Outside the Golden Cage" is launched. Some copies are sold over this Web site, but we are not overwhelmed with the sound quality and soon stop selling the CD. Recordings for an album that was never relased (working title, aptly, "Wishful Thinking"). Jan moves to Cape Girardeau (USA) and plays at the International Talent Showcase Festival. Houssein Take joins as a guitarrist.

Ephemere.de is launched. First live-gigs in Heidelberg. Live recordings for "Outside the Golden Cage".

Ada'ar changes its name to Ephemere. First recordings on tape and MiniDisc. Mandy Brendel contributes artwork.

The brothers Ole and Jan Schoenmakers start this music project in Heidelberg under the name "Ada'ar". Jan moves to Jena.

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