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Six years in the making, Hobos & Architecs is the result of our journey together as a four-piece-lineup (for the first time!) with various collaborations. Brimming with one hour of music, the new album is more colorful and more diverse yet at the same time more accessible than any EPHEMERE relase to date.

From intimate, slow-motion ballads to 7-minute-long, uptempo wave-rock epics, from pure synth-indulgence to complex layers of many (and some quite unusual) analog instruments, Hobos & Architects invites you to come aboard and go on a wild and wonderous trip with the lost, the found and the in-between.

Hobos & Architects was arranged and recorded by EPHEMERE, mixed by wave-icon Ruediger Illg (Conscience, Walzenstuhl, Science O.C.N., Portash) who had already worked his magic on our 2009 EP Hologram II, and mastered by internationally acclaimed genius Paul Gold of New York's Salt Mastering (LCD Soundsystem, Sulfjan Stevens, Eeels, Dirty Projectors).

Hobos & Architecs is a 100% independent, artist-driven production entirely funded and distributed by EPHEMERE.


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Equipment & Samples Used on "Hobos & Architects"

Synthesizers: Yamaha SY-77, Yamaha DJX, Korg Microkorg XL, Korg Volca Bass
Keys: Two Hammond Organs with Leslie Amp, Jehle piano, Roland FP30, various MIDI Keyboards
Guitars: Ken Rose, Fender Squier ProTone, Harley Benton Steel Guitar, Vantage Bass with Vox- and Marshall-Amps
Drums: Pearl Export, electronic beats from the above-mentioned synths and Ableton
Other stuff: Hohner Harmonicas, Kalimba, various pots and pans
Samples: Sea & Seagulls by beejeeb1314, Eelke, sinatra314 and mab; forest ambience by kiefspoon, mentalsanityoff, rempen, manuts and papercutterjohn; all samples from Freesound under CC-License BY 3.0
Production: Rode NT1-A microphone (and additional mics for drum recordings), Cubase 6 and 9 with a big bunch of VST-Plugins, Ableton Live with loads of Plugins