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Lyrics of some Non-Album Tracks (from live shows and Web streams)

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Das Licht gleißt am Himmel der traumschweren Stadt
Die Sonne sucht forschend einen Weg durch die Blocks
Die Wiesen sind still wie ein Meer ohne Zeit
Überm Turm dreht ein Bussard seinen Kreis

Der Sommer bricht schläfrig-verträumt seinen Weg
Die Straßen sind menschenleergefegt

Es wird Zeit, fahre, fließe in das Licht
Der Motor Dein Herz, die Räder Deine Beine
Bis zum Horizont, der Ewigkeit verspricht
Im Takt und alleine, dann schwebst Du vielleicht

Fliege fort, kehr zurück,
Die Lungen Deine Flügel,
Die Luft Deine Bahn,

Die Freiheit, sie trägt,
Dein Leben ohne Plan

Nur für Dich, halt es fest
Es gibt so viel zu sehen
Was war, ist in Dir,
Die Zukunft voraus
Du musst nur weiterfahrn

Träume, Sommerflieger, in der wärmestillen Nacht
Dein Traum Positionslicht am Himmel des Selbst
Stürze in Deine Tiefe, tauch ein
In das Meer, dessen Wellen Du denkst

Es ist Zeit, schwimme, gleite durch den Raum,
Unendlich das Lied, nur Deine Melodie
Du wiegst Dich im Wind wie ein einsamer Baum
Treib tief Deine Wurzeln, dann strauchelst Du nie

Atme tief, lass nicht los,
Vertrau auf Deine Seele,
Ein Ruf aus voller Kehle
Die Rüstung zerbirst
Das Glück bricht seine Bahn

Sieh hinaus, bleib im Fluss
Es gibt so viel zu leben
Was war, ist in Dir
Die Zukunft voraus
Du musst nur weiterfahrn...

Text und Musik: Jan Schoenmakers, 14.2.2002, Jena, 11.2.2017, Oldenburg


Sell your lies
Name the price
Is compromise

Take your pride
Open wide
There's a light
In your tide

You are carving
In your starving
The elation
Of appreciation

So I tell the operator
There's a virus in my data
As my time is moving backwards
All my past is left for later

There are voices in my silence
Reading hieroglyphic writings
There are pictures on my screen
That my eyes have never seen

I was born to be a fighter
Held my armour ever tighter
Flying naked through the subway
Feel my darkness getting lighter

Now a dolphin is my father
And I'm moving underwater
As I navigate the sea
See your beacon there for me

So still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of dreams
Meets the reality of schemes

Still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of dreams
Meets the reality of schemes

Still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of dreams
Meets the reality of schemes

Still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of schemes
Meets the reality of dreams...

Making love with your creation
In the temple of my mind
Here I savour a sensation
That my lips could never find

Leaning back into the maze
Of this mesmerizing trance
There's a rhythm in the airwaves
That my feet could never dance

Now my heart is bleeding silver
And my eyes are crying gold
I'm a diver through a kingdom
For my children to behold

There is nothing like the power
Of my enigmatic will
There are monsters in my forest
That your hunters could not kill

I'm arriving at the moment
Of my everlasting birth
When the end is my opponent
And my gun is fired first...

Then still you're sending your beams...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 9.3.2005, Cape Girardeau (MO))



Hold on
It's getting dark outside
We're only one step
Away from the flames

Hold on
Our words can light the night
Those symbols form meanings
In the promise of your name

The rhythm of your thoughts
Is like poetry

I read and I dream
And I search for the key
To open that door for me

Come on
Let me partake in your
And your life on the road

Come on
I'll add my fate to yours
Let's see how they grow
In the stories we'll compose

Tell me that you know
And cross the line for me
But please not too soon
I'm afraid to let go
The safety I find in dreams

Some will prevail
While others will fail
And though I am on my way down
It really don't matter at all

'cause you sent your call
All over the ocean
I'll reach a new port for this soul

Show me
The face behind your face
Those hidden ways
To you I should see

Show me
The tale behind those tales
Between all our lines
Let me find your history

One day we may be so brave
To follow through
All games given up
Give a name to our love
And sign it with me and you

Hold me
I need to feel your warmth
Our words alone
Won't protect from the cold

Hold me
Please see my open arms
We'll make a new home
For the stories yet untold

We can't live in fiction
Set this spirit free
It's time to get real
And stand by what we feel
Live up to our fantasy

Some say it's love
While some say it's hope
Some say it's only a dream
I really don't care at all

'cause you sent your call
All over the ocean
I'll reach a new port for this soul

In my dreams I always see us flying
Soaring high above it, side by side
We can build this world if we stop hiding
So spread your wings and take this chance tonight

Some say it's love
While some say it's hope
Some say it's only a dream
I really don't care at all

'cause you sent your call
All over the ocean
I'll reach a new port for this soul

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, spring 2005, Cape Girardeau (MO) / fall 2013, Bremen)


What If

So sovereign,
Oh so sovereign
I don't need nobody
I am strong alone

The world in me
Is room enough
As long as the sun is shining
I am whole

Like a bird, I'm flying, trying
Going right and wrong
As long as the sky is open
Nowhere I belong

I'm willing to give it up
Preparing to let it go
Sacrifice horizons
For a soul

What if I stay here in your arms
And trade my freedom for your charms
And in your house I'd settle down
And make your blissfulness my home

So incredible
It's still hard to capture
How my freedom hurts

Directions strange
To the unknown
While I laugh into the blizzard
Secretly I weep

Through the windows, looking, longing
Seeing candles burn
By the fire smiling faces
When my windshield bursts

I love you when I'm tired
I want you when I'm weak
My energy expired
My doubts are fast asleep

What if

(Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers 2004, Missouri, Music: Jan Schoenmakers 2008, Bremen)

Californian Night

Riding downtown
Flowing with a stream of cars
Cozy anonymity

Drifting between Union Square
And the ghosts of Chinatown
Lost beneath the streetlights
I am free

As the last clubs close
Looking for a hideaway
Gucci-style asylum seeker
Coming out to play

The Matrix shuts down
And I follow the trace
Of skunks and seagulls taking over
The old pier at the bay

And the waves crash
And the wind cries
And half past three on Water Street
It's just another restless night

Another lonely Californian night

Walking alone
Across Golden Gate Bridge
Watch the city shrink
Behind me

It's cold and moist, I'm locked away
Some shelter in some golden cage
I turn around, the silence shouts
So sweet

Starting again
The engine was awaiting me
Always somewhere somewhat different
New discovery

And driving around
On some runaway street
With terraced houses floating by
My mind is half asleep

And the radio plays indie-rock
The Bay Bridge is a band of light
The fog captures form and sound
Golden Gate Park smells
Of Eucalyptus trees
And I am drifting with the breeze
Of another restless night,
It's just another restless night

Another lonely Californian night

The unbearable lightness of being...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 5.11.2005, Jena.)

Love on Mars

Our eyes are set for heaven
When we're gazing at the skies
But angels have all left us
As the clouds are streaking by

So join my private oddyssey
It's headed for the stars
We leave behind our shattered home
And start anew on Mars

The engines are all fueled and
The rocket's on standby
When Romeo and Juliet
Will kiss their last goodbyes

Ignition pushed, the slender flame
Will carry us away
There's so much left to do
But we won't find the words to say

You may wonder if it's real
And how it's gonna feel
Can you entrust me with this
Journey to yourself

When there's no whereabouts
No exit and no opting out
There is a point on
Our agenda for today:

I take you high between the stars
Do you believe in love on Mars?

We're flying at zero gravity
Stood the initial test
My eyes will see your destiny
I'm here at your request

The red mysterious planet's
On the autopilot screen
We'll walk its sands a year from now
There's twelve months left to dream

Your hands caress the milky way
Your kiss is like the sun
The fusion of our universe
Has just about begun

We're here in our own galaxy
Eternities away
Each other's true discovery
When there's no night or day

You may wonder...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 4/2005, Cape Girardeau (MO).)

Scene of the crime

When I fell
It seemed like a game
It seemed I would have a chance

I could take it
Take it and play
Without a consequence

In these walls
With dirtstains on them
I have once sealed my fate

While they were staring back at me
My ghosts
My jury
Oh what did I create...

Too blind
Have not thought of the haunts
Have not thought of the drugs
That memory provides

To find they are strong
Cannot sell what I've done
And I hoped, and I cried
Now I run (but)

There's no help
And there's no escape
I return to the scene of the crime

Like a villain
Like after a kill
I'm coming back to you

Far far away
To return anew

See the walls
The dirtstains on them
They have not changed a bit

They are the same
Same ghosts
Same jury
Guess this is why I came

I'm lost
Anywhere in this town
Anywhere on this rock
We call planet home

For the cost Is too high
Cannot pay off my thoughts
And I cry, and I run to deny (that)

There's no help
And there's no escape
I return to the scene of the crime.

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 4.-5.10.2003, Jena.)

Sweet Sensation

Never sleeping in the night
Wondering what was happiness
The emptiness inside
Was tearing me apart

Life was so easy
And without weigth it flew away
Detached and puzzled
I face another day

See me through
With these restless eyes, I
Turn to you
Look for new replies to

All the questions that keep haunting me
All the wonders that I ought to see

Sweet sensation
Be my destination
There is so much more

Give me meaning
Send my senses reeling
Give me something
I've never felt before

I keep running on and on
Looking for some pillars I could
Build my life upon
A place where I can stay

What's fame and fortune
When all the sunshine fades to grey
What's other people
If they just break away

A sky so full of
I keep on asking me, just

What it takes to make my dreams unfold
Here I reach out for your hand to hold

Sweet sensation...

You discover
There's no other
And your heart is true

Trust your feelings
When you look for meanings
All the reasons
Are just inside of you

(Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, Music: Jan Schoenmakers and Houssein Take, 11/2004, Cape Girardeau (MO).)

Level C (In My Life)

Her black hair against my karma
Her laughter into the dark
When she manifests from water
From a world inside my heart

She was such a restless dream
Searching high but finding low
She was such a point to go
Showing what I've never seen

While I reel upon the starlight
My mind shifts the scene

She was stuck to level C
Of that liquid galaxy
My heart beats her elegy
Taking opportunity

She was never meant to be
Anything but fantasy
All she left was mystery
Beeing backwards prophecy
In my life

A spaceship into the ocean
A fire into the sea
She hammers on my emotions
Oh, life's a strange place to be

In my mind I'm chasing on
Traces of her revelation
In the waves of Avalon
I will chase my mind's creation

Falling for this Sweet sensation
Time has stopped to mean, that

She was stuck...

She was more than gasoline
Dragged my lifeboat on and on
She was a phenomenon
Allways wonder what she's been
While I reel upon the starlight
My mind shifts the scene

She was stuck...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 24.6.2003, Jena.)

In changing

Change, change
There's no escape from the turning
For you
Seems it was all of your yearning
To be in the center
The eye of the storm
To have it all in one
In this strange focus point
Of being loved and adored
You thought that you had won

You were so naive,
Oh foolish you,
You thought that a gambler
Could win the show

You gambled with hearts
And the dices fell hard
And the stage became empty
So look at you now:

You are so lonely
These walls you built are strong
Surround your feelings
The easyness is gone
You must go higher
To feel that warm beloved embrace
Of keeping
The loving moments on your trace

So angel,
Where are your wings to fly
So devil,
Was it to be so high
In changing, in passing by

How long
Have you been anticipating
How long
Your precious wishes were waiting
To be in the centre
The light after dawn
To run the real show
You played with your life
As a strategy game
Reality came slow

You were a dreamer
Oh, shame on you
You wanted your story
Just like a book

By turning the pages
You felt so grown up
Now awake
At the next one
You won't dare to look

They're our to get you
These fantasies you spun
Before they catch you
You're better off to run
This is the downfall
This is the time to make a chance
To save all
The blooming flowers in your range

So angel...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 7/2002-2/2003, Jena.)