welcome, eternal traveller

Lyrics from Niemandsland (2013)

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Late at night
Wide awake
As I stare into the falling rain
One by one
The stars are fading out
Leaving nothing but a purple sunrise

The streets are quiet
Longing patiently for noise
The gardens look half abandoned

My hands are cold
Ever since I left you
I embrace the world
And wait

My eyes are grazing on the forests
With no cyphers in the skies
With no symbols and no meanings
As I spread my wings and fly

If this is a drug then give me more
If this is life then let me live
Can't believe you call it sinful
When I got so much more to give

So unreal
I sit back and I think about my other lives
In a parallel world,
not so far,
just some miles, should I
Wish for this chance to
Start anew, to
Level it all,
burn the house I've built, I


Not to lie
Not to break my wings as I resume to


And I realize

That I try to find a language
To reflect the wish in me
With all my heard to throw myself
Into the alien scenes I see

My eyes are grazing...

Breathing deeper, feeling weaker
Half asleep and half awake

Close my eyes, unleash my dreams
There's so much more I could't take

All the symptoms of fatigue
I tried my best not to give in

Ghostly creatures, eerie silence
As I contemplate my sin, yes

I concede I'd like to feel
There is a life we can reclaim

Pure, intense, and not in need
Of drugs, confusion, thrill and pain

Taking chances, dashing further
Send my glances through the void

Sensing answers, I'm immersed
In all the wonders I've enjoyed

All we hoped for, all we dreamed of
Leaving footprints in the sand

Little trasures, slipping gently
Through our fingers, through our hands

Hope is growing, hope is waning
In the early morning air

Everlasting, everchanging
Noone else around to care

(Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, spring 2009 / 11/2009, Bremen. Music: Jan Schoenmakers and Karsten Block, 11-12/2009, Wedehorn.)


One light awakes, the other dies
Summer and winter keep embracing
Each other in the endless skies
And we all sing to leave our traces

Life is about losing and winning
Revolves around ends and beginnings
One in all, and all in one

I'm standing in a snowfield
Transcending waterfalls
Of my concealed emotions
Reflecting in your calls

In these winternights the stars are getting colder
Ain't no stairway up to heaven on these walls
In these ancient halls you feel a little older
When your freezing breath implies the end of fall

Don't let go
Touch the snow

Here in the fallen christmas snow
We hold each other, reminiscence
Of all the roads we used to go
Of all the wonders we were missing

Life is about making decisions
Revolves around nightmares and visions
All in one, and one in all

I'm standing in a snowfield

Beyond the scope of sorrow
Above the frozen fields
Here in this new tomorrow
You break the golden seal...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, Jena, 2002 and Bremen, 2010).

Acid Rain

I'm walking down this purple street
Feel pale illusions at my feet
I'm feeling really incomplete
I wonder when I'll be revealed

I'm singing in this acid rain
I wonder when and why I came
I can't recall a single name
All memories just seem the same

So fly
The sky is open and broken

I think it's time to understand
You weren't in my masterplan
If I would ever lose my mind
A glimpse of you is what I'd find

So steal the show and
Be a dancer
'Cause it will really take a lot
When I find out
That love's the answer
To a question
I forgot

So fly
The sky is open and broken

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 23.3.2004, summer 2007, Jena, spring 2008, Bremen.)

Mountains of Nothing

I'm trying to learn to sleep again
Morphine visions flashing in my head
To laugh and to weep again
Free myself from fear and from regret

I'm trying to see again
I'm sure there's more to life than black and white
To share and believe again
Relax, detach, go floating with the tide

I only watch when there is nothing to see
I only listen when there's nothing to hear
I only speak when there is nothing to say
I cry for help when there's nobody near

Mountains of nothing I'm trying to surmount
Living somebody elses's thoughts
Wishing I could dream of sheep
And make my home in this emptiness

I'm trying to learn to dream again
Unlock that heavy door see what's inside
To love and to feel again
Stop consuming myself, stop to hide

Moved by the beat and bass of silent alarms
I get confused as I wander about
Out on the street when it's too cold to feel warm
I dance in tune with the lost and the proud

Fountains of passion I want to conjure up
But my wells are forever dry
Walking on barren grounds
No clouds caress the skies tonight

I'm dissolving, I'm shedding
Transcendent, translucent
I'm a multiple entity

It's a dream in a dream in a dream in a dream
I observe, I don't feel, it's not me

It's the melancholy of a ski-resort in summer
Never the right time nor the place to be
My rooms are fitted, and I'm waiting to welcome her
But the one I loved has long moved out of me...

(Lyrics and Music Jan Schoenmakers, 11/2010, Bremen. Features a part translated from Sascha Hilgarth's short story "Text")

How can I believe

I'm standing on the bridge
But the ground is dry
I hear a laughter from behind
It's coming from my mind
Rising of night and endless pain

Gimme that stuff

How can I believe what I see
When I'm blind for reality?
How can I understand the way I feel
Am I mad completely?

Aimlessly wandering...

Look at the clock, time goes by
What does it count
I see it all again as I close my eyes
The same old place like years before

Open the door

How can I believe what I see
When I'm blind for reality?
How can I understand the way I feel
When I'm mad completely...

(Lyrics: Karsten Block, 2008, Wedehorn. Music: Karsten Block, 2008, Wedehorn, and Jan Schoenmakers, 2008-2011, Bremen.)

Lunar Colony

We are not rebelling, we are breaking free    
Venturing further into unknown spaces

Becoming more radical
Becoming more self-aware
Answers emerging in our embraces

Exploring a new zone, roaming a new scene
It's our first time in every single motion
Scouting the spheres
Beyond any routines
Reading the star charts of emotion

We're halfway there yet miles away
Not knowing where our venture'll lead
But there's a wisdom in our flow

And knowing that we're wide awake
We have to live without restraint
We have to spread our wings and grow

Here at last we're flying free
Discovering new grounds
Obstacles but no defeat
This river is our own

Searching perfect synergy
To make this house a home
In our lunar colony
I'm breaking ground with you

A tiny room in endless space
Unites us unexpectedly
We're dancing where the gravity decreases
Slowly overcoming fears,
Our panoplies and safety nets
Discovering what's hidden underneath this

We're on our way and not afraid of
Turbulences on the flight
Transcending spaces, ignoring time
And far from superhuman feats
There's something valiant in our ways
Setting out to build our paradigm

Here at last...

Encounters always taking place in curves
In magic circles in an abstract space
In which we swing and oscillate in phase
There's a dimension for this matchless place
So put up space to span our love and time
To be our home and sanctuary and base
We're variables of a novel kind
And undeterred singularity

As we are moving further down the line
Following our trajectory

Following our trajectory...

(Lyrics and music: Jan Schoenmakers, 9/2011, Bremen. Features a part translated from/inspired by Sarah Schoenmakers' poem "Begegnungen".)

Rebel Blues (Bonus)

Slammed the door
To my religion
Tell the priest
I cannot wait

Time to make
This clear decision
Life is short
I'm running late

Many years
I've wasted waiting
For a god
Already broke

Many years
I've suffocated
In the clouds
Of inscense smoke

Jesus, Spark and Holy Father
Time to crumble and give way
Stopped paying your rent for dark cathedrals
Always ordered to obey, obey, obey

How the sound
Of thunder soothes
My mind, I'm reckless
Free and brave, so

Start the armageddon
Rock show
I'd rather die
Than be your slave

Delicate the
Scent of roses
Of the fruit
That earth has grown

Seal and burn
The fraud of heaven
I've finally learned
To find a home

(Words and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 2007, Jena)