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Lyrics from Hologram II (2009)

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In the Shower with God

The mystery of existence was revealed to me
Some debris spraling down the drain
When I was in the shower with God

He grinned at me mischievously
And said: "It's nothing but a play
The grand design was my mistake
(I was as bored as I am now)
So, come on, flush it all away!"
In the shower with God...

(Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, 28.4.06, Osny. Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 1.1.08, Jena.)

Eternal Travellers pt. III

I shape my world and
Scrape my words and
Chase the goals of
My ambition, it's

All shut down, I'm
Like a clown, try
Not to drown in
Inhibition, it's

All too fast and
All too loud and
Leaves no room for
Reminiscence, I

Milk my source
Without a goal, but
Now I take time to
Do all I missed, I


Somewhere flows music
But I don't listen


See the world glide
Above the mist, and

I dive into my inner self

I'm diving through my inner self, 'cause

I prefer to walk with my own feet
I prefer to dance to my own beat
I prefer to sing my own song
I prefer to live, do you wanna come along?

Eternal Travellers...

(Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, 7/2003, Kassel. Music: Jan Schoenmakers and Karsten Block, 7/2009, Wedehorn.)

From My Dreams

I think I've seen you once before
You must be somewhere from my dreams

One of those strange intriguing shows
I woke up wondering where I'd been

The place, the time, they seemed so real
And now you stand in front of me
And smile as if you'd seen me first

Destiny allways wears that smile
I'd follow you for all my life
Reality lays open wide
A perforated screen

From the depth of night
You reached out for my days
Broke the liquid lines, and
Showed a different way

Time stands still
The world keeps turning
Not for us, not for us

When dreams are real
And ice is burning
Walls will fade to dust

Deep down I called for you to save me
From a life that's gone astray
Splittered efforts to create me
Turn my night into your day

I felt there was somewhat deeper
Somewhat freer to be found
A golden cage was what I lived in
Now I see the world is round...

(Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, 15.4.2004, Jena. Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 2/2008, Bremen.)


I'm on an alien planet
And I'm nowhere bound
I see familiar faces
As they dance around
They're separated from me
By space and by time
But the ocean spits them out again
It's sourced them from my mind

It's alright
Reality was never my life

I'm in a lower orbit
And it's time to go
I see my face staring back
From the waters below
I thought we were exploring
While we were being explored
There's a parallel world
That can no longe be ignored

Roaming deliquent places
With fugitive minds
We were losing it again
Never knowing what we'd find
Searching high and low
For a proof of life
Looking in the mirror wondering
Who would draw the knife

Are you diving into me?

Another strange appearance
On the brink of night
Another fond memory
Coming back to life
Are we under attack
Or is it just a test
We're confronted with the facts
We could never grasp

Chasing guilty pleasures
In a turning tide
We are slowly breaking through
To the other side
With our inside out
On remote control
Our lines begin to blur
Better let it go

Are you diving into me?

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 1/2009, Bremen.)